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Every serious organization should take into consideration the role of social media.It has become imperative the use of social media to reach prospective clients and people who will affect the overall purpose of the organization.

Organizations whether  'for or not-for profit' cannot deny the effect and relevance of social media to reach people.

Social media have created a change in the social structure of  marketing proving its effect in the amounts of shares and likes from different social media platforms.  

However social media can be done more proffessionally and effectively reaching out to thousands of people with less effort.

We software developers watch the trend and are particularly interested in programs that are most effective and beneficial to organizations.

Some of this programms will prove to be more effective than others,while some more expensive than others.It is left for readers to make their own informed decisions.


Below i will highlight some tools which i believe will be useful  and effective in your media campaign.


1. Socialflow

This  allows you to schedule your posts based on when your audience is active and engaging in real-time. Just upload your content to the queue. From there, SocialFlow uses real-time data it collects to determine which posts to publish and when. 

2. Influential

Influential is a smart matchmaking platform that connects businesses with influencers across major social media outlets.  It’s powered by Watson, IBM’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Influential uses AI to research your social media profile. The more Influential researches you and your followers, the more it learns about your target audiences. This information is then used to pair you with influencers who match well with your brand.


3. OptinMonster

This  is a powerful lead generation tool that lets you engage visitors at exactly the right moment. It has a drag-and-drop template for building visually stunning lightboxes, popups, and landing pages that capture leads. 


4. Audiense is a social intelligence tool that allows you to discover new target audiences and segment them.It  also helps you understand your audience . It then uses tracking and reports to help you optimize your audience engagement. 


 5. Tweepi is a Twitter tool that helps you get more followers. First, it finds relevant users interested in your topic. Then you can engage those users by mentioning them in tweets, adding them to a list, or following them.


Buyer Persona Tools



 6. Socedo is a tool that  automatically discovers the people on social media who fit your buyer persona.This is done  by looking at real-time social behavior then categorizing individuals based on that data. Once you have your audience, you can divide followers into multiple segments. That way, you can make sure only the relevant segments get your content and promotions


7. Socialbakers is a suite of tools for making decisions based on your followers’ data. This information is valuable when monetizing your campaigns. 




Security Tools


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8. ZeroFOX  is a security tool that identifies and protects brands against hackers looking to take control of social media accounts. The platform also works to protect its clients’ social media reputations. They do this by removing offensive and intentionally disruptive content, eliminating impersonation profiles, and protecting followers against scammers. A good one for any serious socialmedia marketer.

Analytical Tools




9. Followerwonk 

This is a tool exclusively for use with Twitter.  Followerwonk will help you analyze and optimize your Twitter audience. It does this by suggesting people for you to follow.


10. CrowdBooster

 This tool enables you to  create reports measuring your key performance metrics, and even export them via graphs and tables. This information helps you adapt to your audience more effectively. It gives you suggestions for who to engage and how you can improve content.

 11. Twitter Analytics

This is a free tool that lets you measure the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign.That way, you can look at how people interact with your content and adjust your campaign accordingly.


12. Facebook Analytics

This tool looks at your content and how readers have interacted with it.Facebook’s reports are much more comprehensive than Twitter’s. Facebook Analytics doesn’t just show you how many people interacted with your content. It shows you who interacted with it and where.And if you run a Facebook group, don’t forget to check that analytics data as well.


Content Creation Tools




13. Tailwind 

This is a tool for creating content on Pinterest and Instagram. Use it with Pinterest to pin to multiple boards at once, bulk upload, and schedule posts. It comes with a drag-and-drop calendar that makes scheduling content easier than ever.

14. BuzzSumo 

This happens to be  one of the best tools  for discovering new and popular content on the web. With it, you can plug in a topic or a selection of keywords. From there, you’ll receive a breakdown of popular trending posts in those categories.

15. Tagboard

This is a listening tool for researching social media content. All you have to do is put in a term, topic, or hashtag, and you’ll see how that topic is discussed online. It’s an advanced way to monitor things like brand and product mentions, and how they relate to your marketing strategy.You can also use it for ideas when coming up with engaging content, especially as trends develop.



Graphics Tools




16. Visage

Visage is a tool that helps companies design social media graphics that are perfectly optimized for each platform. Visage’s graphics templates make it easy to manage your brand’s style and tone. That way, you can ensure consistency across all social platforms. 


17.  Canva

 lets you create stunning images for your campaigns. It comes with loads of ready-made templates and cool graphics you can use. This means you can create an attention-grabbing featured photo in minutes. Canva for Work has loads of premium collaboration tools, and it only costs $12.95 a month.

18.   Animoto 

Is a tool that makes professional-quality videos for marketers on social media. As such, it’s great for creating viral or engaging content. It comes with storyboard templates and a drag-and-drop design that simple and easy to use. You don’t have to use the templates, of course. One can use Animoto’s blank canvas and create a marketing video from scratch.



 Monitor and Sharing Tools





20. Sproutsocial

Sprout Social comes with full post scheduling capabilities, a detailed analytics platform, and  a social listening tool. All of this is helpful for optimizing content and understanding how different demographics interact on social media.



21. SocialOomph  

makes it easy to upload multiple posts at once, then schedule when each post gets published. You have full control over when and where your content goes live, and you can even manage multiple platforms at once.SocialOomph also offers intuitive follower analysis features and tools for improving audience engagement. 

22. Brand24 

Gives you insight into what people are saying online about your brand. With this tool, you have instant access to mentions of your brand anywhere on the web, including on social media and popular publishers. You can also identify the people with the most social influence, and segment your mentions by positive, negative, or neutral mentions.


23. Buffer 

Social media marketing tool is one of the most recognized tools in the industry.You can schedule any type of post across any platform you want. You can even choose when to automate posts, such as “every day” or “weekdays.” Even better, you can use its follow-up tool to evaluate past posts, seeing which were most effective and why. 



24. MeetEdgar 

This is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to recycle old posts. All you have to do is organize your posts by category and schedule your content. Edgar then goes through your queue and uploads content from each category. Once it’s gone through all your scheduled posts, it’ll start recycling older updates.



You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance on a number of different social platforms. Its analytics tool lets you measure content engagement, so you understand how your campaign is performing.Popular for its free social media tools, Hootsuite also has a relatively inexpensive paid option for businesses.



 25. IFTTT.

IFTTT is actually an acronym that stands for “if this, then that”. A free tool mainly used to  combine different tools together to create individual “recipes,” or sets of instructions. For example, you can set it up to send a tweet every time you make a new Instagram post. 


26. Oktopost 

 Is a social media management tool designed for B2B companies. It allows you to schedule your content and measure its effectiveness. Oktopost is also useful for curating content that is important for your business. 

27. Everypost

This tool makes it easy to curate content all from one place. It does this by pulling together relevant multimedia from YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, RSS feeds, and more. Then, you can schedule your posts and customize them for the audience on each social platforms. That way, you maximize the effectiveness of each and every post.


News Filtering Tools




 This tool is best known as a content discovery tool like BuzzSumo, but it works a bit differently. It’s a content aggregator,it gives you ample reading material. With it you never run out of things to post about on your social profiles.


 is an online whiteboard that can help digital teams collaborate.For instance, team members can share images, movies, slides, and text. Also, everybody can work in different places on the board all at once, as if a real whiteboard were in front of you in a conference room.

 30. Online scanner 

 Helps you review the consistency of your branding across social media platforms.The Consistency Scanner is a free tool. After you try it, you receive a link to your report that you can access anytime.


31.The Instagram Stories widget from Fastory allows you to showcase stories on your website.When visitors click it, a phone-like screen shows your current Instagram stories and highlights. These show up as bubbles people can click to see curated Instagram stories that don’t disappear after 24 hours. The screen also has a button people can click to follow your Instagram accountThe widget works with Instagram’s official API and is approved by Instagram. To get the widget and add it to your site, start by logging in through Facebook. Then you receive a code snippet that you copy and paste into your website code.The widget is free but includes some Fastory branding. If you’re all-in on Instagram, especially Instagram Stories, this widget might be something to consider.






32.   Standuply is a Slack plugin that allows you to quickly and easily send video messages within Slack.

33Dribbble is an online community for designers that’s also like a living, breathing online swipe file.

34 . Reshot is a stock photo site that avoids cliché stock imagery.

35InShot is a cool mobile video editor for iOS or Android. With this app, you can almost carry a movie studio in your pocket

36.  Anders Pink is a curation tool that helps you stay up to date on the topics you care about via the sources you choose. You can also use it to publicly share the stories you follow so people can see what you’re reading.

37. Linktree offers a great way to expand what your Instagram profile link can do.

38.  Calendly is a great scheduling tool that makes it easy to coordinate meetings, podcast interviews, live video events, and more.

39.  Wonderlens is an amazing mobile app for creating augmented reality (AR) videos and still images.

40.  With SocialRank, you can analyze Twitter and Instagram followers based on all sorts of criteria such as influence, engagement, and more.

41.  Scrubbies is a cool iOS app from Google that creates a looping effect similar to a boomerang video but gives you more control over the video’s movement.

42.  Let’s Enhance is a free online tool that scales images up to 4x without visibly degrading the image quality.

43.  Selfissimo is a cool mobile app from Google that snaps photos automatically like a photo booth.

44.  With Grammarly Keyboard, you can add a native keyboard to your smartphone that helps you check spelling and grammar while you’re on the go.

45  AR Placer Cam is an augmented reality app for iOS that allows you place text or emojis in a video.

46.  With PORTRA, you can make selfies or other photos look hand-sketched or like an oil painting.

47.   Smart Compose is a cool new feature inside the brand-new Gmail.

48.  Plover gives you an easy, cross-platform way to share files with people on the same WiFi network.

49.  With the YouTube Studio app, you can access features from the Creator Studio dashboard on your mobile device.

50.  RealtimeBoard is an online whiteboard that can help digital teams collaborate.

51.   With Adobe Capture, you can find out the exact colors in any color scheme, whether it’s a printed piece or a nature scene.

52.   Snapseed is an amazing photo editing tool for mobile devices.